RMA Roofing - Large Flat Roof Projects

Large scale flat roof waterproofing systems

Large scale flat roofed accommodation blocks and out of town shopping centres. Many of our clients are now in the thirtieth year of having a reliable, economical completely waterproof roof. Our systems were developed to enable application to a wide variety of roof coverings including asphalt, conventional felt and even modern EPDM and all other single ply membranes. The reinforced membrane can be formed to any shape of building.

Sprayed Membrane System

Many of our clients in the late 70’s benefitted from the initial application of our Sprayed Membrane System in many cases such as re-asphalting a flat roof the cost of our system was less than 20% of that cost. At the end of our Ten Year Guarantee period we would offer a further re-coat of our current system that had inevitably developed into an even better specification system.

RMA Roofing Project

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Our latest foil system is a significant step forward in our continuous research and development driven systems. As with all our systems they are developed to be compatible with existing coatings, therefore from a cost point of view still save clients significant sums of money for a long term guaranteed roof coating system.

Due to the application characteristics of our system we can also undertake very large projects over a time span to suit the clients budget. We have four such projects that have been running for five years.

All our surveys are free of charge and we do not employ salesman, we can provide genuine references from clients who still use our services from the late 70’s.